Chapter 7: More Operators, For Loops, and Print Methods

Lesson 24: Compound Assignment Operators

In some of the earlier lessons, we went over some of the different math operators.  In the chart below, it shows the most common math operators we use in Java. Equation Type Operator Division / Multiplication * Addition + Subtraction – In this lesson, we are going to learn about a shortcut that can be […]

Lesson 25: For Loops

In earlier lessons we went over while and do while loops and learned in what cases we would use them.  In this lesson, we will be going over a new loop called a for loop. For loops typically serve a much more specific role, than other loops.  Let’s look over the outline of one: There […]

Lesson 26: println() vs print()

In the previous lesson, we went over a program that counted to the number 10 using a for loop. Using the System.out.println() method, every loop printed the number on a new line. However, what if we wanted to print our numbers out on one line?  So far, we have only used the print method System.out.println() […]

Lesson 27: The Modulus Operator

In some of the earlier lessons, we went over the 4 most used math operators used in Java.  Those four included: Addition + Subtraction – Multiplication * Division / Now that we have a little practice underneath our belt in Java, we are going to introduce a new math operator that you’ve probably never seen.  […]

Coding Challenge 7

For the 7th coding challenge, we will make a program that contains a for loop and 2 int variables.  The program’s purpose will be to act as a countdown timer for NASA.  We want the countdown to start at 10 and finish at 1.  Feel free to name the variables on your own.  However, be […]

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