Chapter 5: User Input and Arrays

Lesson 16: User Input

When creating our Java programs, we have been changing the values, compiling, and seeing the results.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could create programs that can ask for the user’s input and execute whatever we had programmed it to do?  Well, we are in luck!  Java has a couple of different ways to obtain […]

Lesson 17: Making a Multiplication Program

In the last lesson, we learned about the Scanner class and how we can use it to get a user’s input.  In this lesson, we are going to be working again with the Scanner class in order to create a simple multiplication program for integers!   First, let’s start off by importing the Scanner class, creating […]

Lesson 18: Stuck? Look it up!

In the last lesson, we created a multiplication program that asks for the user to input 2 int values and then returns the product.  In this lesson, we are going to go over the different methods associated with the Scanner class.   This will help illustrate how imported classes have a variety of different methods […]

Lesson 19: Arrays

So far, we have gone over several different types of data we encounter in Java.  Some of these data types include: chars, Strings, ints, and doubles.  However, as our programs become more complex and start to process more info, we will find that having large quantities of variables of the same type can become a […]

Coding Challenge 5:

For our 5th coding challenge, we are going to be working with arrays! To start off, we are going to create two separate String arrays. Our first array will be named firstName[] and our second array will be named lastName[] . In our first array, we will put the first names of our favorite three […]

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