Chapter 1: Classes, Methods, and Object-Oriented Programming

Before we get started

Hey there future programmer! Congratulations on taking your first step into learning Java!  I really hope you enjoy this course.  Before we get started will need two things: The latest version of Java JDK (Java Development Kit) An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) To download the latest version of Java you can visit the oracle website […]

Lesson 1: Lets make our first Java program!

It is customary for all programmers to create a Hello World program as their first program.  We shall honor this tradition and make our very own! Step 1:  Open up your Integrated Development Environment (I will be using JGrasp.) Step 2:  Lets create a class to hold our program!  To do this, lets write the […]

Lesson 3: Understanding our HelloWorld program – Methods

After going over classes and Object-Oriented Programming in Lesson 2, we will look at another important aspect of our code – methods. Nested within the brackets of our class “HelloWorld” (that we created in Lesson 1,) we have our main method: In order to execute our code, we need this main method.  It is worth […]

Coding Challenge 1

Now that we have a couple of basic concepts under our belt, I want you to make your own program!  Using our HelloWorld program from lesson 1 as a template, I want you to do the following: Create a public class with the name “codingRocks” Implement the main method Use the system method to print […]

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